It is so amazing to have someone that is available to spend time with my puppy Stella when I have to work or go out of town. Erin and Howie are fabulous and even helped to deal with some of Stella’s behavior issues. I wouldn’t trust my baby to anyone else.
Posted By: Pualana Lemelle
I have a 120# Mastiff named Zeus that most kennels won’t take because of his size, but I always had family members that were able to come to the house and take care of him. So he was not only used to being at home with people he knew, but generally shy and skittish around new people. And he was so spoiled, he was used to having someone come and put him to bed in the house at night and then come in the morning to let him out and feed him. One week I had to make a last minute trip and no one was available to come take care of him — so I called Howie’s Hounds and met with Erin. She came out and met with me and my dog and everything was arranged, but I was still a little nervous. The day I was to leave, there had been a flight delay so I was still at home (but Erin didn’t know that) when she made her first check-in to let him out and feed him. She came in singing his name and calling him handsome and I don’t know what all and Zeus nearly knocked me down in his eagerness to go see her! I was instantly relieved that she was on the job and he was thrilled with the arrangement and I could go off on my trip and not have to worry about anything. When I returned a week later, he was as calm and happy as if I’d just been gone a few minutes. Knowing I had Erin to call to come babysit, or even check-in when I was at work on really hot or stormy days, was just a complete load off my mind and a godsend!
Posted By: Cynthia Barrentine
My two babies, Cali (one year old pit-bull mix – full of energy) and Reese (one year old poodle mix – sweetie pie) are working with Howie and Erin on their discipline and comprehension of commands. I have been struggling with training them to act accordingly in the house therefore am forced to leave them outside which saddens me greatly. Erin and Howie came in our lives and what a difference they have made…
Upon meeting the girls Howie assessed the situation and spoke with Erin about their plan. In turn Erin spoke with me and we decided to work on the girls temperament one step at a time. We have started bringing them back into the home and are getting the routine in place. What a difference! I now watch Howie play with my girls and have fun something I thought would never happen for Cali. I am so blessed to be working with Howie’s Hounds because my heart smiles every time I see my baby girls come in the home and are able to relax and we are able to enjoy time with them as a family :)

We love you Howie’s Hounds and are so grateful for every step forward we make.
Posted By: Amara Wheatley

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