Greetings from Erin

Hi, I’m Erin. I’m Howie’s mom. I’ve had several dogs in my life. My first dog was a German Shepherd mix named Heidi. We basically grew up together in Southern California. Heidi was a very friendly dog but like most German’s was a one person or one family sort of breed.As an adult, I adopted a pitbull that was abandoned and name her Bullwinkle. I also adopted a Pug mix named Rocky who was with me for many years and was an older sibling to Howie until he passed away in 2006.I have an indescribable love of dogs all animals really but dogs are by far my favorite.
Hi, my name is Howie. I’m a full bred American Bulldog. I was born on October 5, 2004 in Grants Pass, Oregon. My mommy’s name is Erin Cleage and she says that I am perfect and meet all the standards set by the American Bulldog Association.When I was very little, my mommy came and got me from the farm and took me to her house in Portland, Oregon. She was very nice to me. She taught mehow to go potty outside and sleep on my bed. I learned how to introduce myself to other people and their dogs and she always takes me for rides in the car. That’s my favorite.I have a best friend who is a Jack Russell mix her name is Stella. Sometimes she lets me chase her around the backyard but I’m very careful with her because she’s littler than me. My mommy taught me that too. My mommy is very nice and teaches me a lot of things to help keep me safe and happy.If I were you, I would let my mommy take care of your doggie, too.

About Us

Greetings From Howie

I can rarely pass one one the street without saying hello. I have always thought that in a perfect world I would spend my days with dogs all around me.At the end of 2010, I left my corporate job and decided that now is the time to go after my dream. I’ve put together a variety of services that real dog people could use to keep their dogs healthy and happy.Please call us for more information and to discuss how Howie and I can make life better for you and your doggie.